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如果你衝著 S-E-X 來看這部劇,


Part One: Otis 合集

It’s definitely not a comprehensive list

Ways to describe economy

  • strong, robust ⇔ weak, fragile, vulnerable
  • stable, sound, healthy
  • booming, thriving, buoyant ⇔ stagnant
  • dynamic/vibrant
  • [V + economy] boost, foster, stimulate, revive, revitalize, regenerate ⇔ undermine, cripple, damage, ravage, devastate, bleed
  • [economy + V] boom, expand, grow, recover, rebound ⇔ decline, faltar, shrink, stagnate, falter, collapse
  • [economy is … ]…

But nothin’ new (content included: Taliban, China, Gig economy, Huricane, Heatwave)


  • flogging: inflicting punishment by whipping
  • amputation: removal of a limb
  • caveat: (1) a warning to consider something more before taking action (2) a statement that limits a more general statement [caviar]
  • in store: something will happen soon
  • amnesty: official pardon
  • intervening: occurring between two events
  • regime: a government, especially…

Grab your coffee and let’s get started!

Business buzzwords


  1. bottomline (1) the final line of a balanced sheet (2) the final result or the most important consideration of a situation/activity
  2. streamline (1) a design increase speed and movement (2) make a company more effective and efficient
  3. baseline: a fixed point of reference that is used for comparison purposes
  4. upstream/midstream/downstream

Why am I here? No idea ><

“Must” be True

  • The answer should be 100% proven/supported in the stimulus
  • Indicators: “If the statements above are true, which one of the following can be properly…

Scary scary (what a dumb title)


  • outbreak
  • chain of transmission
  • vaccine rollout
  • epidemiologist (epidemiology)
  • content tracing app
  • contact tracing
  • suspected/confirmed cases
  • locations of interest
  • linked/unlinked cases [“breakthrough” cases]
  • mask mandate
  • border control
  • (institute) a lockdown
  • complication rate
  • inoculate = vaccinate/ administer vaccine
  • (high/low) vaccination rate
  • fully vaccinated
  • booster shot: third dose
  • glass vial
  • virus strain [Eg: predominant strain]
  • Alpha/Delta/Columbia varient (mutations)
  • aerosol transmission
  • pathogen: infectious microorganism or agent
  • contagion: the communication of disease from one person or organism to another by close contact [contagious]
  • genome: the complete set of genetic information in an organism; stored in long molecules of DNA called chromosomes
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Do it till make it! Keep doing it till it seems to get easier

Confusing statements

Jojo, hope I’m not crazy


Past perfect (had + past participle)

  • If two actions occurred at two different times in the past, use past perfect tense to identify the earlier action and past tense to illustrate later action.
  • When to use?
  • When…

The 3 Question type (will be discussed in this note)

  • (1) the correct answer should strengthen (complete) the author’s argument
  • (2) after negating, the statement should be able to directly weaken author’s argument

Iris Liu

Stay motivated, cuz making progress is thrilling

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